Why iletpro?
No Dead Listings
Outdated listings don’t exist on our website. We make sure unavailable properties get removed from the website immediately. So when you see a property of interest, you can reserve or book a viewing without worrying about its availability.
User-Friendly Website and Portal
You can do everything on your phone – including viewing arrangements, property reservation, tenancy agreement signing, letting progress tracking. After move-in, you can even submit repair and maintenance requests on the fly through our management system.
24/7 Customer Support
Through advanced AI technology in natural language processing and deep learning, our customer support is available 24/7 to ensure your enquiries and questions are addressed in a timely manner.
How we provide quality services
E-let & E-management
Our E-Let and E-Management systems maximize efficiency during the entire property letting process and help ensure great living experiences through automated 24/7 property management.
24/7 Customer Support
Our artificial intelligence customer service system is embedded on the entire website to ensure all communications get routed immediately. Prospects and tenants' requests are handled in a timely manner. Our customer support is available 24/7, always ready to process enquiries about property.
Customized Q&A
Our customized FAQ is created based on individual properties, so we can quickly respond to common questions about any property you are interested in.
Comprehensive, Convenient and Quality Services
On behalf of landlords we have a legal obligation to make sure their properties are legally safe and compliant to keep tenants safe. We aim to provide tenants with a high-quality property letting experience. Our services include property searching, move-in procedures, property management after move-in and check-out procedures at the end of the lease.
You can check out property details and book viewings online
We conduct virtual property tour and immersive 360 degree viewing
You can reserve property online via paying deposit that goes towards the first month’s rent
We process tenant referencing checks
We register Deposit Protection Service (DPS)
We draft tenancy agreement and help complete all parties’ signing electronically
We Arrange move-in inventory and help complete move-in process
After Move-In
We handle 24/7 property management and all repairs/maintenance
We inform all utility provides so tenants can start services immediately.
We collect monthly rent and transfer to landlord on time every month.
We arrange move-out cleaning and general repairs to make sure your property is ready for upcoming tenants.
We process third party deposit.
Found an issue or need repairs in your property?
If you are a current tenant at one of our properties that we manage and would like to report a problem, don’t worry, we are here for you. Simply let us know by visiting our maintenance portal and one of our experienced property managers will be in touch within 24 hours.
Trusted reviews about us
Renting with iletpro has been a seamless process. They have a very friendly and responsive team which really helps!
Maria Sharpe, Birmingham
I have used iletpro find tenants quickly. Their packages are affordable and have a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Wai Kung Long, Bristol
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