Hassle-free and low risk lettings management
Landlords are under pressure like never before. We believe our modern lettings management service will take away the hassle, risk, and offer you complete certainty instead.
Make life easy for landlords
Completely hassle-free
We handle all aspects of letting - from finding new tenants to 24/7 management of your property, including arranging most repairs and regular inspections.
100% guaranteed rent
We guarantee your monthly rent, so you never need to worry about having a void period or losing rental income. We become your tenant so you will be paid rent even if the property is void
No unexpected repair bills
We can cover any emergency repairs and servicing costs - so you won’t find yourself having to pay a large bill. It’s a key way to protect yourself from risk of financial loss.
How we provide quality services
E-let & E-management
Our E-Let and E-Management systems address landlords' pain points effectively, such as tedious manual rent reminders, low efficiency in property management and so on.
Example: Our smart system sends out rent reminder emails to tenants monthly to make sure rent is paid on time every month.
24/7 Customer Support
Our artificial intelligence customer service system is embedded on the entire website to ensure all communications get routed immediately. This way prospects and tenants' requests are handled in a timely manner.
Our customer support is available 24/7, always ready to process enquiries about property.
Customized Q&A
Our customized FAQ is created based on individual properties, so we can quickly respond to common questions about your property.
Comprehensive, Convenient and Quality Services
On behalf of landlords we have a legal obligation to make sure your properties are legally safe and compliant to keep tenants safe. We aim to help landlords efficiently manage their property from the beginning of letting to the end of the lease. Our services include property letting, move-in procedures, property management after move-in and check-out procedures.
We take photos of your property and advertise your property on major property letting portals.
We arrange property viewings, find the best tenant(s) for our business, and pay a deposit to you. (Deposit will go towards part of the first month’s rent.)
We run tenant referencing checks on all our tenants including previous letting history, income to make sure our new tenants pass all the checks so you can be certain that we can pay you for our lease of the property from you
We draft the tenancy agreement with our tenant and process signing electronically with all parties
We register our deposit with Deposit Protection Service (DPS), instruct inventory check, and complete the move-in with our tenants so you do not have to worry about these processes.
After Move-In
We carry out 24/7 property management and regular property checks on all the properties we lease from landlords.
We inform all utility provides so our tenants can start services immediately.
We collect monthly rent from our tenants and transfer the rent we owe to you to your account on time every month.
We send you monthly statements electronically
We arrange move-out cleaning and general repairs to make sure the property is ready for upcoming tenants.
We process third party deposit.
We serve major cities in the UK.
Our lettings and management packages are avaialble in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Manchester, and Nottingham.
If your city isn’t listed, don’t worry - we are currently planning to offer our services in more cities in UK and would love to hear from you!
Our prices & packages
1. Advertising
2. Viewings
3. Tenant referencing
4. Tenancy agreement (e-signing)
5. Deposit registration
6. Instruct an inventory
7. Meet legal requirements
8. Check in
9. 24/7 property management
10. Interim inspection
11. Transparent monthly statements
12. Collection of monthly rent
13. Utility providers
14. Check out
15. Guaranteed rent
16. Cover maintenance costs
£399 one-off fee + 7.5% of monthly rent (plus VAT)
One-Off Services
From £99
Finding Tenants
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What’s the secret to our low pricing?
You might have noticed that our rates are suspiciously low. Rest assured we’re not undercutting ourselves – we’re just undercutting the competition.
The trick is in our secret sauce. We’re a digital property management platform that automates most of our processes. Our platform is all built in-house and is cutting edge, and we’re proud of it. But we’re not an IT company, and we’re not here to get lost in the technology. The time we save on filing paperwork becomes time well spent making sure you and your tenants are happy.
Trusted reviews about us
Renting with iletpro has been a seamless process. They have a very friendly and responsive team which really helps!
Maria Sharpe, Birmingham
I have used iletpro find tenants quickly. Their packages are affordable and have a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Wai Kung Long, Bristol
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