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Bristol remains a popular choice when it comes to property investment. The average house price in Bristol is £288,300, which is 3.7% higher than last year and about 29% higher than the UK average, according to Zoopla’s latest UK House Price Index. According to EY, Bristol is one out of the four fastest growing cities in the UK in the next three years.
As a vibrant university town, Bristol draws students from all over the world. Lots of graduates decide to settle in Bristol because of its thriving startup scene in the technology sector and its high employment rates, not to mention those people who move from London. The city is worth considering for property investment as there is always a high demand for residents.
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo, Steamship Great Britain, Cabot Circle Shopping Centre, Curiosity Tour, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Bryce Castle Estate, Wookie Hall Caverns, Bristol Port of Thor
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