We’re a digital innovator
Our mission is to overcome language and cultural barriers between landlords and tenants in a most efficient and smart way.
Brand Values
Everybody involved in the rental chain wants and deserves respect. We remove language and cultural barriers to empower both sides of the rental divide.
Chinese landlords in the UK can’t find agents who perform to their high expectations of speed and efficiency. We’re available whenever they need us. When they make a decision, we make a move.
Property ownership is a very emotive subject for every landlord and reflects their desire for status. We always put our customers first and deliver a high quality personal service.
The traditional rental process is too opaque and reliant on individuals. We’ve used our engineering background to systematize the process, so everything has maximum transparency and automation reduces errors.
Generating income from rental properties is often a source of risk and worry for landlords. We always act responsibly to make sure all risks are kept at a minimum and sometimes act as tenants.
Our Story
Roland entered the UK property market as a landlord in 2014.
It was a sector where little had changed for decades. “During this time, I had a lot of contact with local high street letting agents, meaning I experienced first-hand how expensive, old-fashioned, slow and inconsistent they can be.” It was a sector that had started to experience disruption by digital innovators, and this was accelerating.
Roland quickly saw an additional opportunity.
“A friend of mine had invested in a number of properties that he wanted to let. What the agents didn’t know was that he was a very successful Chinese restaurateur. Sadly, he felt patronised by local agents during the process. He was treated with a lack of respect due to the language and cultural barrier – even though he could speak English reasonably well. They didn’t seem to take him seriously. The experience left him disappointed and frustrated. It also gave him concerns that this might be repeated when he was looking for tenants.”
Roland seized on this insight to create a business.
It was a business that made letting easy for property investors where English wasn’t their first language. He developed his idea around an automated digital platform that would act as the agent for both landlords and tenants – effectively resolving the language and cultural barriers between the two. Along with this technical innovation Roland added service innovation, giving landlords easier access to the market with an all-inclusive package. This covered all the ancillary letting services – from repairs to insurance.
iLetpro was born.
Landlords can maximise their rent, save money, attract more tenants, and manage the relationship using the digital platform – regardless of their proficiency in English. And each one is treated to a high level of service and care. For tenants it promises no dead listings, a quick and easy letting process (featuring 360° view) and tenant renting passport. It’s a win-win business proposition that solves a problem in the real-world. A problem encountered all around the world.
Where are we located?
We are currently offering our lettings and management packages in Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester – and we are planning to expand to more cities soon.
Non-Executive Directors
Alan Butler
Board Advisor
Steve Edwards
Board Advisor
Yifan Xie
Non-Executive Director

Our Team
Roland Tao
Founder & Managing Director
Brad Cottrell
Letting Manager & Client Director
Coco Li
Property Management Director
Zheng Hu
Technical director
Ke Cai
Marketing director
Our Story
  • June 2016
    Rentalist launched landlord and tenant services.
  • •
    July 2017
    Rentalist launched mobile apps.
  • •
    February 2018
    Rentalist merged mobile apps with web platform
  • •
    June 2019
    Rentalist ltd was awarded an honourable grant of £40K, while its managed property value reached £10m.
  • •
    January 2020
    Rentalist ltd was offered to become an honourable resident member at SETsquared Bristol.
  • •
    December 2020
    Rentalist changed its name to iletpro.
  • •
    January 2021
    iletpro ltd was awarded the 2nd honourable grant of £40K.
  • July 2021
    Value of iletpro manged property surpassed £50m.

What is ARLA PropertyMark?
The UKs foremost regulatory body within the lettings industry, working to improve standards and protect consumers. Propertymark qualified agents are the experts in the real estate field, who have undertaken regular and professional training.
Benefits of Working with Propertymark CLIENT MONEY PROTECTION
Your money is protected.
A designated separate bank account will hold and protect your money. In the case of unfortunate events such as agency going bust or agent running off, CMP will make sure tenants and landlords are paid or reimbursed.
Trusted reviews about us
Renting with iletpro has been a seamless process. They have a very friendly and responsive team which really helps!
Maria Sharpe, Birmingham
I have used iletpro find tenants quickly. Their packages are affordable and have a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Wai Kung Long, Bristol
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